helping Rugby clubs to raise funds

The Rugby Wine Club is a new idea launched in 2021 by Mike Tindall and a small group of wine lovers who are also massive rugby fans.

We have first hand experience of how hard it is to raise funds in grass roots rugby clubs and we see a simple way to help.

TRWC helps to raise funds for grass roots rugby by asking rugby club members and their families/friends to switch their wine buying from supermarkets to TRWC.

We bring you fantastic French organic wines that you cannot buy elsewhere and help you to learn more about wine in a fun way (if you want to that is!).

For every bottle purchased from TRWC clubs receive at least £1 and  you are drinking wine that you know and that is better for you and the planet too!

Download more information below or please contact us using to discuss how we can immediately start to help you raise funds!  It really is that simple and it’s fun at the same time!

The Rugby Wine Club is a new concept

It is completely free to join The Rugby Wine Club and to start to enjoy our wines and help your rugby club. There is no obligation to buy wines and you benefit from access to additional tasting notes, offers and information.

Give it a might just be CONVERTED...

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