About TRWC

The Rugby Wine Club was launched in 2021 by England legend and World Cup winner Mike Tindall and Nearbuywines.com to help to prop up grassroots rugby clubs by providing a new, fun way for clubs and their members to raise much needed funding.

At least £1 of the profit from each bottle of wine that a rugby fan buys goes directly to their rugby club or charity – you simply nominate the club at checkout, it’s that simple!

Some of our partner clubs are already raising thousands of pounds by encouraging their members and friends/family to buy their wine from us and nominate their club.  Your club does NOT need to be partnered with us in order to benefit, so why not start now?

about TRWC

The Rugby Wine Club is a new idea launched by England legend Mike Tindall with a small group of wine and rugby lovers. It is completely free to join and you are not committing to purchase. Our aim is to raise funds for grassroots rugby by asking rugby club members to switch their wine buying to TRWC.

For each bottle purchased we give your club (or rugby-related charity) £1.  Subscribe for  a case each month and that’s £72 each year for your club.

You can try the wine at enjoyable wine tastings at your club and can learn a little more from our short, fun video tasting notes hosted by Mike and our French wine makers and order here on our website.

Our wines are all organic and are from small producers that we personally know.  This is great for both the planet and also for you as the lack of chemicals massively reduces the after effects, so no hangovers (unless you go really mad after your team has won!).

Take a look at our uniquely designed rugby post wine racks which we personalise in your club colours or your nation’s colours.  A real eye-catcher when stocked with our wines in your home.

Propping up grassroots rugby

If your club has not yet signed up with us as a club-hub then you can still nominate the club to receive the funding at checkout or you can instead choose to support a rugby-related charity such as Head for Change or Rugby for Heroes. You always buy with the knowledge that you are helping to improve the game we all love.

For more information on how it works and how to place your first order please click here

Tasting notes and videos

We want to help our club members (that’s you!) learn a little more about wine (and particularly our wines) in a fun and non-intrusive way, for instance with wine tastings at your club and short light-hearted tasting videos featuring the wine makers and rugby stars accessible on your mobile or tablet using the QR code on back of each bottle.

We will also bring our Van du Vin to your club for touchline tastings and will offer trips for our members to the vineyards in Europe.

We particularly like to promote organic wines produced by wine makers that we know and love as this is great for our planet and also for you as the lack of chemicals massively reduces the after effects, so no HIAs (hangovers in attendance) unless you go really OTT! Click here to view our tasting notes and videos.

Join The Club - it's FREE and it's FUN!

Join The Rugby Wine Club for free when you place your first order and start to enjoy our organic wines whilst funding your rugby club. There is no ongoing obligation to buy wine - membership gives you access to additional tasting notes, events and special offers.  The best way to help your club on a regular basis is with a monthly subscription and this gets you our best prices too!

Give our wines a TRY… you might just be CONVERTED! 

Meet the team

The TRWC team all love wine and rugby and played to various levels in their respective careers!! Clearly Mike achieved a little more than Jason and Jon did, although Jon says he is not retired yet and reckons he could yet be a world champion wine consumer.

 We all live in Gloucestershire and are connected to our first partner club, Minchinhampton RFC, which is where the idea to help grassroots rugby started.

The Rugby Wine Club is a new concept

It is completely free to join The Rugby Wine Club and to start to enjoy our wines and help your rugby club. There is no obligation to buy wines and you benefit from access to additional tasting notes, offers and information.

Give it a TRY...you might just be CONVERTED...