The Rugby Wine Club

Support your club whilst drinking affordable, quality organic wines

Events at Your Club

Enjoyable tasting events and touchline tastings with our Van du Vin

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At least 50p of the profit from every bottle is sent directly to your club

The Rugby Wine Club

The Rugby Wine Club is a new idea launched in 2021 by England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup winner Mike Tindall and a group of wine and rugby lovers.

We help to raise funds for grass roots rugby clubs by asking club members and their friends/families to switch their wine buying to TRWC to help their club.

*** For every bottle purchased your rugby club/charity receives 50p ***

You can buy as little or as much as you want to – try our wines at a tasting at our partner clubs or watch short video tasting notes hosted by Mike and our French wine makers and then buy directly from us.  You simply  nominate your club at checkout so we know where to send the funds raised.

Our wines are organic and are made by expert 4th generation vinologists in France. Organic wines are better for the planet and for you – the lower level of sulphites reduces hangovers and in our opinion improves the taste of the wine.

You order online and the easiest way to help your club is with a subscription, getting you the best prices and getting your club the biggest benefits without even having to think about it again! How simple is that…and our subscriptions start from just £35 per month.

CONVERT to TRWC for your regular wine needs, enjoy high quality and affordable French organic wines, have fun and learn a little at the same time and help your rugby club!

Rugby and wine, like Tindall and Greenwood…some say it’s the perfect combination!

So give us a TRY and you might just be CONVERTED… take me straight to the shop

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Don’t JUST take our word for it…

“I discovered this wine 10 years ago and found that as it is organic it does not affect my sinuses, unlike other wines. We buy wines from the supermarket but keep returning to these, time and time again. I would highly recommend this white wine.”

Barbara T

Sauvignon / Semillon
May 5, 2021

“I am so glad that the Rugby Wine Club is now bringing this lovely hidden gem of a merlot to the UK as I have been driving to France to buy it and bring it back for over 10 years!”

Phil T

Merlot Reserve
Minchinhampton, Glos
May 14, 2021

“I love the Rose, smooth perfectly balanced and fruity, great on its own or with food on a summers evening.”

Lizz H

May 21, 2021

Join The Club - it's FREE and it's FUN!

Join The Rugby Wine Club for free when you place your first order and start to enjoy our wines whilst funding your rugby club. There is no ongoing obligation to buy wine - membership gives you access to additional tasting notes, events and special offers.  The best way to help your club on a regular basis is with a monthly subscription and this gets you our best prices too!

Give our wines a TRY… might just be CONVERTED ! 

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The Rugby Wine Club

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The Rugby Wine Club is a new concept

It is completely free to join The Rugby Wine Club and to start to enjoy our wines and help your rugby club. There is no obligation to buy wines and you benefit from access to additional tasting notes, offers and information.

Give it a might just be converted!

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