It has finally arrived…our new 2020 Reserve Merlot all the way from the vineyards of Bordeaux,  We have tasted this merlot and its even better than the 2018 vintage that we launched with 2 years ago.  This powerful wine oozes red fruits and is wonderfully smooth.  Perfect with that beef for Sunday lunch or with cheeses whilst you are watching several Rugby World Cup matches in one day next month!  It was hugely popular and sold out very fast in 2021 so don’t hang around now or you will be disappointed.  We took delivery last week and will be launching the wine in London at our Evening with Beefy and Tins in August, yes Ian Botham and Mike Tindall together talking about cricket, rugby and why they are involved in wine!

Go to the shop page now to order your wine, be quick before it all goes!!

Here are the tasting notes for you:  TRWC’s powerhouse Merlot Reserve has a deep nose of red berries, ripe blackcurrant and mocha.  This exceptional wine is silky and smooth on the tongue with a wonderful bouquet of plum and vanilla and a long and glorious finish. Best served before, during and after watching rugby (obviously) and particularly with your Sunday dinner, meats, barbecues and strong cheese. A Bordeaux-style red without the price tag, that our customers absolutely rave about. Can be laid down for at least 10 years but is also totally enjoyable right now.