How it Works…


you Buy wines to drink at home and support

YOUR rugby club/charity at the same time…it’s

really that simple!


£6 per case goes directly to YOUR club when

you nominate them at checkout or

subscribe (from just £25pm) and your club can

receive £72 each year whilst you enjoy our

growing range of great wines and you also get

invited to exclusive events.


switch some of your regular wine buying from

the supermarket to trwc and YOUR club

benefits directly.  you aren’t even spending

any more money!

just nominate your club at checkout

and we take care of the rest.


Step 1

 Order your wine here on our website and nominate your rugby club or charity at checkout.

Step 2

TRWC delivers your wine directly to you, next day.

Step 3

Your club receives £1 of the profit from each bottle of wine that you buy.

Step 4

With a monthly subscription (from £25pm) you can get our best prices, save yourself time, never run out of wine AND support your club on a regular basis.

Order from Home

The basic idea is that instead of buying wine that you don’t know or haven’t tasted, bottle by bottle from a faceless supermarket where the total costs soon add up, you order the wine you regularly need (and have hopefully already tasted at a club event) from our website and select your club at checkout.

Membership is completely free with your first order and there is no obligation to buy any wine at all.  Our subscriptions will save you money whilst increasing the funds raised for YOUR club and as they start from just £25 per month they ensure you will never run out of our glorious organic wines and can share them with your friends (or enjoy peacefully in your garden on a warm Summer’s day!).

wine Tastings in france

When travel is a little easier we will offer relaxed weekend wine tasting trips to the vineyards in southwest France for those of you who want to meet the wine makers, learn a little more and, of course, drink more wine! Mike is very keen on this idea so you may well get to chat about rugby too…watch this space for Easter 2024 when we will start these trips or please send us an email if you are interested.

Support your rugby club

The wine is delivered directly to you. We all buy wine in the supermarkets and a couple of bottles each week soon adds up, so a subscription for a case of 6 bottles monthly is the best way to help your club regularly and save money at the same time. Subscribe Here

Save on delivery costs

Each club has a Club Champion who will sort out any local requirements for you. Please go to the Club section on this website for their contact details and to find out about upcoming tasting events at your club or nearby.

monthly Subscriptions from £25

To remove all the hassle and to get our best prices start a subscription to match your needs – this will maximise the benefit for your club (£6 per case). Our mixed subscription ensures you have three wines in stock for all your needs and our half case subscription is a great starting point.

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Wine tasting events

TRWC’s wine tastings at your club and touchline tastings with our Van du Vin will grab your attention – try our wines, decide which ones you like and help your club by taking some home.

Go to the Events page.

If your club is not already one of our partner clubs don’t worry – you can still buy our wines and nominate them (at checkout) so they still receive the benefits!


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The Rugby Wine Club is a new concept

It is completely free to join The Rugby Wine Club and to start to enjoy our wines and help your rugby club. There is no obligation to buy wines and you benefit from access to additional tasting notes, offers and information.

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