Mixed Subscription: Monthly Case (£72pa donation)

From: £74.99 / month

£1 per bottle or £6 per case goes directly to YOUR club/charity.

If you love all of our wines (which we are sure you will), you can buy regularly with this mixed subscription and you will receive a case of 6 bottles of one wine monthly with the type of wine rotating each month as red, white, rose, red, white, rose etc. so that you have a good stock of all types at all times!

If you need more of any wine for a dinner party or for the summer then you can top-up with one-off orders via the website. Your club benefits from an increased £1 per bottle or £6 per case when you take out a subscription, so everyone benefits without even having to think about it!

Get up to 8% off the cost of your wine with this monthly subscription for a case of 6 bottles (min 12 months).



Support your selected club or charity


Discover a new wine


6 Bottles Per Case


Free Shipping on all Subscriptions

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Close to its more famous neighbour Bordeaux, the Bergerac region (also known as Périgord and Dordogne) is not well represented in the UK nowadays and we think that needs changing. The vines of the Cuisset family are centred around the small village of Monestier where vines have been planted since the Middle Ages (1053). Guy Cuisset and his sons, Gabriel and Julien, have helped to turn the whole estate over to organic production and are now adopting new modern strategies in the vineyards and cellar which included ditching the reliance on the old AOC Bergerac rules (dating from the 1950s) as the brothers deemed these unsuitable for today’s climate, market and organic vine growing opportunities and the wines they are now producing are high quality. There is further information on these new techniques here.

This is fantastic rosé which you will love in the summer at a picnic, on your terrace, in your garden or sitting on the beach (watching beach rugby of course…)

Additional information

Subscription Type

Subscription Only, Subscription Including Wine Rack

To make it easy for you and us and to maximise the benefits for your club you can take out a monthly subscription for a case of 6 bottles of wine (which we think most of us buy from the supermarket each month anyway if you count it up…..). You can choose from red, white, rose or a mixed subscription where you will receive one case of each in rotation.  Our subscriptions run for 18 months and all subscribers are able to buy the personalised home rugby wine rack at the discounted price of £99 in their choice of club or country colours.

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