Rugby for Heroes

TRWC is supporting Rugby for Heroes.

Rugby for Heroes is a registered charity that works with the Rugby community to raise funds and
awareness for military personnel making the often difficult transition back to civilian life. The Charity
is committed to providing financial and personal support to help individuals overcome the many
challenges that this transition process presents.

There are some obvious parallels that can be drawn between the UK’s Armed Forces and the sport
of rugby – the traditions and core values of: leadership, teamwork, commitment, discipline, courage,
respect, loyalty and camaraderie are all values in which the sport of rugby and the military unite
behind and aspire to and it is these values that RUGBY FOR HEROES champions.

When the time comes for a person to leave the Armed Forces we believe the rugby community can
offer a sense of belonging to our returning heroes that is easy for them to recognise and relate to.
Through rugby teams, coaching and the wider community we are a dependable friend in a time of


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February 10, 2022

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